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Good in the Kitchen

Rapeseed oil has a high flash point and Welland Valley Rapeseed oil has a pleasant, mild flavour with nutty and grassy notes.

This makes is very versatile, and usable in all types of cooking – cold and hot – sweet and savoury from salad dressings to the best Yorkshire Puddings and roast potatoes!

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Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil – ranked highest (9/10) in a comparison with other culinary oils
(Daily Mail 4.12.07 )

Welland Valley premium, cold-pressed rape seed oil. ‘A first class culinary oil’.

Welland Valley

Master growers of rapeseed, the Leicestershire holding has been farming since 1837 and cultivating rapeseed crops since the 1940s. Passed on through generations, the team’s expertise and knowledge is now benefiting cooks throughout the UK. By using a non-intensive, cold pressing technique on the virgin seed, a very high grade of oil is extracted which retains its vital nutrients, flavour and colour. Welland Valley Rapeseed Oil is 100% pure. It is free of additives, chemicals, detergents or deodorisers – there’s no heat extraction, de-gumming or bleaching… the oil is simply pressed from the seed, passed through a filter and then bottled. Meet the team at one of the forthcoming food shows.

Rapeseed Oil

Omega 3 cannot be produced by the body, so to get Omega 3 – you need to introduce it to your diet. Also, Rapeseed oil is a good source of both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat.
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